Monday, June 04, 2012

Some Reasons Why I Love Summer

1.  I love to watch this boy swing...
 ....and swing.
 2.  I love to hear this boy tell me about the playgrounds he will build one day.  
And about how this playground really is a pirate ship.  And how he needs his helper to go around and clean and fix the ship.  (His helper is Liam.)
 3.  I love to watch these brave boys even though they make me nervous when they climb high.
 4.  I love to watch their daddy get nervous when they do things like spin around fast like a top.
 (He worries about spinning motions on their brains.  I worry about them falling on their brains.)

5.  I love to watch all three of them play.

 6.  I love being able to snap a picture or two before we all go race down the 3-lane slide.

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