Monday, June 04, 2012


Lately, my heart gives a little sigh when I watch the boys. 
 A sigh of wistfulness.  
How did my babies get so big as to go on a bike ride together?

But also a sigh of contentment.   
It's a nice feeling when you see your boys enjoy something as simple as riding by a pond.

Sometimes I wish I could bottle up moments.  Moments where the boys are hysterical with laughter.  Moments where they are giving me kisses and hugs just because.

Though I miss some of the baby moments, there's some more bottling-up-worthy moments to come.
Like bike rides by the pond.


April said...

They're changing from super sweet babies to wonderful big boys!

Sole Doc said...

So sweet. All of these posts! Wish we were close enough to enjoy your family more than just through pictures!

Sole Doc said...

Jac not Jo...

Amanda said...

agreed April and Jacqueline!