Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Mom of the Year (or Week)

L Child is in that stage of kinda-getting-potty-trained-but-not-all-the-way-there-yet.  I'll probably blog about this experience once he's closer to being done.  In the meantime, I've had two priceless moments in the last couple of weeks that occurs when you are potty-training.  If you have a weak stomach, I suggest you skip the rest.

I was traveling back home from picking the boys up from their Mamaw and Poppy's and JJ and Bubba's.  Liam was wearing big boy underwear on the trip and about six miles from a good stopping point, he tells me he needs to use the potty.  Like a pro, he held it until we got to the stop and into the bathroom.  What a big boy!  I was so impressed I started thinking, This potty-training thing is about done!

Well, the place we stopped is a new establishment with a huge gas station and McDonalds connected together.  We sat down with our food to eat and take a break from the car.  Liam turns to me and says, "I'm not pooping, Mama."  I reply, "I know - you used the potty when we got here.  You're such a big boy!"  Little did I know that when Liam says he is NOT pooping, he is pooping.  Ugh.

I was still clueless until we went back to the bathroom for one more potty stop before we got back into the car.  I asked Liam if he needed to go the bathroom.  He said he did so I pulled his pants down and realized he really did poop.  So what to do?  I'm in a gas station bathroom with 2 little boys, a clean pair of underwear and shorts, but no diapers or wipes.  I took a deep breath and washed the underwear out in toilet.  Yuck.  I tried not to gag.  I consoled myself with, "At least it's a new, clean gas station bathroom." I got Liam cleaned up best I could, used a BUNCH of antibacterial gel on all of us, dragged the boys back to the car, dug around in the trunk for diapers and wipes, cleaned Liam up AGAIN in the trunk of the car, and then loaded them back up into the car.  Looking back, I should have just threw the underwear away probably.  I most likely will next time that happens, and I'm stranded in a gas station bathroom with poopy underwear by myself with the boys.

When I relayed this story to Josh after we got home, he told me I win Mom of the Year for cleaning poop out of underwear in a gas station toilet.

Apparently, I used all my Mom-of-the-Year-parenting up during this time.  Yesterday, I was worn out and tired.  I blame it on painting all weekend and running a 10 K race.  The boys had been playing outside in the water, and as usual, Liam was soaked because he likes to sit (and lay) in water puddles.  When he came inside, I told him to strip down but leave his underwear on.  I was going to feed them dinner and then give them a bath.  Their food was on the table, and I dragged myself to the couch to rest a bit while they ate.  I should have known L Child would have other ideas.  When I looked up, he was completely naked carrying his plate of food to the couch.  Before I could even ask him what he was doing, he started eating his food like a dog - you know his face in the plate gnawing away on fish and corn on the cob.  Crazy kid.  He knew he was being hilarious, but thought it was totally worth the impending reprimand.  I looked at him in amazement and and shook my head.  I was so tired.  I had to give them baths still.  It was only about 6 PM so bedtime was a ways off still.  I laid back on the couch and just didn't care.  I texted a friend of mine that my kid was naked eating like a dog on the couch.  She told me I was Mom of the Week for that one.

So glad I have fellow mom friends that can laugh with me.

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Sara said...

That is awesome! I loving having my little baby, but I'm secretly torn between wanting to keep him little and wanting him to grow up a little so we'll have stories like those to tell!