Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Bedtime Routine

I started taking Haddie to the boys' bed for storytime, songs, and prayers at bedtime. She doesn't always make it through the entire line-up, but she has twice. She likes watching the boys (can't you tell from the picture?) and listening to our voices. The boys LOVE her laying next to them. If she starts fussing, they will usually start singing to her so she can stay. I'm so thankful that they like her so much. Though they've had some difficulties adjusting to life with a baby, they seem to still like her. There's been some behavior issues, but they are directed at Josh and me, not at Haddie. As our pediatrician told us when I described the current adjustment of the boys, "Yeah, most kids innately know that the baby is an innocent bystander in all this. It's Mom and Dad's fault." Made me laugh and be thankful.


RitaKay said...

So sweet. Congratulations on your lovely and loving family. That girl is as cute as a button! (pun intended)

Amanda said...

thanks aunt rita : ) we are enjoying our button!