Sunday, July 21, 2013

Like Her Big Brothers

We are all adjusting to life with Baby Button. She is still a pretty easy baby even though the fussiness has set in a little bit. She has very awake times and usually is pretty alert right after the boys go to bed. Josh and I enjoy that time where we can ooh and ahh over her and not have to share her (or ourselves) for a bit.


Last night, she woke up and after she ate, she was very alert. The night before she had done the exact same thing with Josh...and kept Josh up about two hours. I told her last night, "You gotta go to sleep, girl. I don't want to stay up two hours like Daddy did last night."

I promise you: she smiled real big at me and then cut her eyes from side to side several times. Her onery look reminded me of her big brothers. 

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