Saturday, July 06, 2013

Button's Room

We finished Button's room for the most part today.

New glider and stool cover
Cute large buttons that my Aunt Brenda found. Dad painted them.

Close-up of the curtains

Button tree for Miss Button

We had these little frames in Casen's nursery. Mom "girlified" the animals by adding bows and flowers.

We'll replace the page in the frame with pics of the boys meeting Button in the hospital.
The front bumper pad is done. We'll take it down when Button starts sleeping in her crib.
Pretty blanket
Mom did a good job with all the sewing!

What Button will see when she looks up from her crib.

We still have plans to add her name above her crib. We also are going to add her nickname "Button" above her dresser. I'm also going to hang up a few of her blankets/quilts on display next to the closet and window.

Her room is done. The rest of the house is clean. Josh hung up some more things around the house. I'm even caught up on laundry (well only one load is in the basket). Apparently, the only way for my house to be clean this many days in a row is to be having a baby!

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