Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Stayin' Busy While Josh Was Gone

While Josh was gone last week for training, we stayed busy. Between some summer activities I wanted to squeeze in before Button arrives and prayers that Button doesn't make an appearance until Josh got back home, we got a lot done.

Took advantage of free kid bowling. Thanks to Dad for going with us so I didn't have to lift anything.

Mom went with me to the Science Museum. The boys had a blast! Thanks to Adub who gave us free tickets.

All five of us went to the pool for an afternoon. The boys did great. They weren't clingy like they usually are thanks to swim lessons. We even ran into Pam and Tulle there which was fun to visit.

We got to meet Baby Will when my cousin and her family came to the area to visit. Liam especially liked Baby Will.
I'm thankful for Mom and Dad helping out so much. There were parts of days (and one whole day) that I was exhausted and sick. It would have been rough if I hadn't had extra help with Josh gone. I'm glad Josh is home now. We all missed him, and now, Button can arrive anytime!

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