Saturday, July 06, 2013

My Buddy

L Child knew that change was a-comin' when we told the boys that we were having a baby. Though he is excited, I know he is adjusting to the idea of not being the baby anymore. Soon to be the middle child, I've been soaking up all the extra attention I've gotten from L Child. He's crawled up next to me while I'm resting or napping during the day and fallen asleep with me many times this past week. I've gotten extra stories, kisses, and hugs from this guy. Even though he told me this week once that he wasn't ready for Button to arrive, he also has been talking to her more (through my tummy). He also is making a list of things to do for he and I after Button and I come home from the hospital. First on the list: watch his nursery rhyme dance video together. I told him I'm pretty sure we can arrange that.

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