Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Am Liam, the Conquerer

I am Liam, the Conquerer.

I may not be mobile yet, but I can move. It just takes me awhile.

I LOVE Brother's train. Yes, I do have my own toys - but I don't have a cool track with a train. I can stretch out and scoot to capture the prize.

And watch out! I'm learning to crawl. Brother won't be able to simply move the track and train away too much longer.

I will conquer! I am Liam, the Conquerer!

(In the meantime, Brother gave me his cool fire truck because its a "baby car". Wasn't that nice?!)


Charity said...

Love it Amanda!!! He's so adorable! And what a cool train...

April said...

I can't believe Liam is growing so fast! That was sweet of Casen to give him a toy! Such a sweet brother!