Thursday, June 10, 2010


Last week, Casen had to have 3 teeth capped. He has a birth defect where his baby teeth have no enamel. So before he's 2.5, Case already had 3 teeth rotted through. Poor little guy. We waited until now because the dentist wanted his molars to come through so he could coat them with enamel and protect them. Apparently, now young children are put completely out for dental procedures. I was nervous about his going under, but I'm thankful he has no recollection of this procedure. Case was a little nervous in the hospital - as we waited. They gave him an oral relaxer, and we could tell when it started taking effect. He started acting silly and was fine with the hospital staff (usually he cries when doctors/nurses/etc. talk or check him). I was really impressed with the anesthesiologist and the nurse. You could tell they had experience with young children. Case was out for about 2 hours and they got his teeth done. He now has 3 shiny silver teeth. His recovery wasn't too bad. He told me twice later that day that his mouth hurt so I gave him Tylenol. It wasn't until the next morning that I could tell all of the anesthesia was out of his system. Two days later, he seemed back to his usual, happy self. Hopefully, he will be like me: our baby teeth are bad, but my permanent teeth are decent.

Case got all kinds of well wishes from family and friends. He got a balloon bouquet from his Kansas Family - he loves it! He laid underneath it initially and just watched the balloons. For the days following, he would carry it around and go to bed with it and bring it with him upstairs when he woke up.

Notice Liam? Yes, that's right..he's beginning to get mobile. At this point, he was scooting. Now he is getting into the crawling position, but can't move yet. It won't be long.

Watch out Casen - that little baby is about to be able to do more than just grab your train tracks!

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