Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Where to Play When Its Scorching Outside....

Last week was extremely hot. Thankfully, it has cooled back down this week. April and I took the kids to a cool indoor place to play - it was pretty neat. You paid one price for your kid (I didn't have to pay for Liam since he's so young) and can come and go all day. They have painting, face-painting (our kids passed on that scary drama!), play-dough table, chalk table, a huge playground, a treehouse playground, a pirate ship, dress-up clothes, sandbox, and a train set. Whew! What a cool place!

As soon as we got there, Heidi made a beeline to the dress-up clothes, Case went to the balls.

The blonde little girls in the pictures were cute little twins that liked Liam and liked to scare Casen with a Darth Vader mask. Case wasn't scared though - he just laughed at those silly girls.

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