Monday, June 21, 2010

Look What Liam Can Do!

Where has the time gone?

Liam can now drink out of a cup (or a plastic bottle) of water pretty well now.
He has an iron grip on the cup or bottle.

He can feed himself now when he wants.

We had to put the bumper pads up in his crib because he was hitting his head while moving around so much in bed. Before too much longer, we're going to have to lower the crib some more. He pulled up onto his knees a couple of days ago by pulling on a blanket I had over my legs when I was sitting on the couch.

He can sit up well. He is really close to crawling. He gets so frustrated when he gets stuck.

He turns 6 months in a week. I can't believe he's already that old!

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April said...

I can't believe he's so big either!!