Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Well, Liam took his first LONG road trip this past weekend. We did a warm-up down to Chatty a few weeks ago. Even though the boys did great on that roadie, I was still nervous about a 7-hour trip. BUT they both did great! Slept some. Well, on the way, Liam slept. Case resisted with every fiber of his being which met he had to sing and laugh and talk loud to stay awake the last hour of the trip. Played lots. Ate. Loved the breaks from the car seat - and yes, we are taking a break from driving with Liam in the seat.
It was a crowded van. Every seat was full. My brother and I had to sit in the back seat with Liam's huge car seat. It was a tight squeeze. But sitting back there was probably my favorite part of the traveling. Sharing music with my brother. Reading. Talking about music, books, and life. Catching up. AND we never had to drive OR sit in the "Casen-Entertainer Seat". Just about perfect.

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Charity said...

That close-up of Casen is *priceless*!!!! Congrats on the great road-trip -- I know how easily they can turn into very loooooong trips if one of the boys isn't happy ;)