Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Been a Long Day....

It's been a long day...and it's only 3 in the afternoon.

It was a long night and early morning with Liam. I really needed a nap today. Casen never took a nap. Liam wouldn't nap either - until I was my parents' cooking and busy with Casen. Hence, no nap for me.

Liam is trying to crawl so every 5 minutes (or so it seems) he starts yelling because he is stuck on his belly or in the crawling position.

Not to mention, I'm having a grumpy day - I'll blame the lack of sleep and trying to follow Weight Watchers today. (I REALLY want a Reesee Peanut Butter Cup. One of those large Easter Egg ones.)

And as I type this, Case just put the laundry net basket over Liam, knocking him over in the process....

...okay now I'm back from rescuing the L Child....

....Case did it again, but Liam seems to like being trapped inside a red net basket. They are laughing hysterically at one another. (I just got it on camera - maybe one day I"ll upload videos.)

Sigh. And this is why I started typing this entry. Even though its hard some days - I wouldn't trade it.

Seeing your boys enjoy one another so thoroughly - to the point where they both are laughing hysterically.

Wishing I could sit down long enough to write one blog post before I have to rescue L Child. But then I would also miss his funny bottom-hopping across the floor.

So, maybe I'll get some sleep later this afternoon or tonight. In the meantime, I'll be enjoying my boys.

**I just had to clean up the 2nd blow-out of the day...this time complete with cleaning the carpet because L Child managed to scoot across the floor before I realized what was happening. At least, Case helped me clean the carpet. He thinks that part is fun - even if its poop.


Sharlene said...

Thanks for sharing! Some days I think "oh, how I miss those days!" Enjoy the time and fun you have - for it will soon be gone and you'll have to rely on great nieces and nephews and those precious grandchildren for your fun.

Love you and I did laugh out loud when I read your post:-)

April said...

Oh wow, that does sound like a long day! But I'm glad that you do find joy in the little things! That is what gets us through the day, right?! :)

April said...

Hang in there! One sweet moment makes up for at least 20 really long ones, right? love you!