Monday, August 05, 2013

A Kinda Awesome First Day of School

C started full-day Kindergarten today. He had a good day, but it didn't end so good. A stomach virus hit C, and L is showing some symptoms too.

While C was at school, L Child had a rough day missing C.

Then to top it off, I wouldn't let C or L Child love on Haddie just in case they are contagious.
Picture sad brother faces.
Very sad brother faces.

It definitely could be worse though. The vomiting has subsided for now, and Daddy is home to help with Haddie. For now, the boys are NOT vomiting and are sleeping.

Some things I want to remember...

After we got home from visiting L Child's preschool and had lunch, he got the marbles out to play. I told him I would play with him. He replied, "No, I'm gonna play with Casen. When's he gonna be back?"
He still had another three hours to go.
They will miss each other now that they are both in full day school.

During Haddie's afternoon nap, L asked about twenty times if I could go wake her up. When I did get her up to feed her before we picked C up, she had to lay next to L Child on the couch for awhile first.

Me: How was your first day of Kindergarten?
C: Good.
Me: What did you do?
C: Oh...I don't remember. Mama, I was there a looong time. Like three hours.

Once the sickness leaves our house, I'll post pics of the big day.  The good part of the big day.

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