Sunday, August 04, 2013

Why It Takes 2 Weeks for a Baby to Lose Her Umbilical Cord

So I'll feel like Wonder Woman.

Haddie lost her umbilical cord right on schedule (at 2 weeks) but still had some remnants inside her belly button. The doctor said once those cleared, she could take a tub bath. About a week later, she was ready for a bath AND I was up for it.

Three weeks ago, there's no way I could have bathed all three kids in one evening.

I felt like Wonder Woman the night I got all three kids bathed. That's three separate baths, people! I thought, Maybe I will be able to handle three kids. And they just might be clean! Bonus!

And that's why babies lose their cord two weeks after their birth. By that point, mamas can handle bath time and get a confidence boost.

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