Friday, August 16, 2013

I Can't Think of a Clever Title of This Mish-Mash of Pictures

Family of Five: First time for Haddie to go to church (Sunday evening)
Liam trying out his new blanket and pillow. He brought it to school for nap time.

So of course, both boys' open houses were on the same night. We ended up not getting to go to Casen's, but it got canceled anyway. I'm thankful Mom and Dad went with us. Lugging in three kids and all of Liam's supplies into his school would NOT have been fun by myself. I'm also glad they were there to take pictures. This is the one picture I got of Liam at his Open House/Meet the Teacher.

L, C, and Bunny had fun at the construction center!

Haddie was a trooper. In and out of the car several times, being carried a lot and passed between the three adults: she never fussed. When we got home, it all caught up with her. She had a rough night so Mama and Daddy had a rough night. Lesson? She can't be out much past 6 right now. She's a little ol' thing who needs her beauty sleep.
Peter Parker (he's not spiderman unless the mask is on) next to Button. Prior to this picture, Spiderman took Button and me on his motorcycle. Then while Baby was eating, Peter Parker went to the store and bought us food. He's such a nice superhero!

The boys started feeding Baby some. They are so cute to watch - they love helping her. Button loves it because she doesn't have to wait on me if I have to take care of something.

 Casen told me tonight that he would feed Baby when she got hungry. I told him that she was going to nurse this time around. He was all disappointed so I told him that he could feed her the next bottle. Such big helpers!

Mom, Button, and I spent the day together shopping and eating at girlie places. It was a nice treat before I go back to work! Button did awesome. Apparently, she takes after her brothers and likes to shop!
After school, Liam has requested each day that Haddie lay down by him while he watches a movie. Haddie gladly obliges.
C and Bunny playing Mario Kart after school. C enjoyed having somebody to play.
This is what happens when Mama leaves Haddie in a room with Liam and Immie.


RitaKay said...

LOL! Love the last photo! Made me think of ET, but also that Haddie is loved...a lot! So happy for you. Hope work goes good and the boys have a good time at school this year.

Amanda said...

Thanks Rita!