Saturday, August 10, 2013

So Tired. But Only Sometimes Now.

This post was originally titled, So Tired. So Tired. And the draft was a jumbled collection of thoughts about sleep. I think I began it about three weeks ago. Thankfully. I didn't try to blog with my zombie brain. It probably wouldn't have made any sense. Around the same time, a past student of mine asked me if I could write her a letter of recommendation. She was a really good student so I agreed. I just told her to email me again before the deadline to remind me. I got a reply back that she found someone else and if it was too hard right now, I could decline. I hated telling her no, but I was thankful for the out. Looking back, the letter probably wouldn't have been very helpful - the committee probably wouldn't have been able to understand it!

Even though Haddie has slept great from the beginning, she still has had some hard nights (or days). Also, I think the pregnancy and delivery wore me out. I also had insomnia some nights for the first two weeks. I couldn't turn my brain off from the worries and to-do lists. And maybe, just maybe, it's because I'm older this time. Whatever the reason, I couldn't seem to get enough sleep.

Thankfully, I'm catching up on my sleep. If I am really tired, I can take a quick cat nap (or a long one depending if Josh is home), and I feel fantastic. Okay, not fantastic. But pretty fantastic for a mom of a newborn and two wild little boys.

Nothing sweeter than a baby in just a diaper. Not a bad deal to take a snooze with Miss Button on the couch one fussy afternoon.
Button's face around midnight. She had slept six hours so I especially enjoyed being up with her awhile this time.

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