Saturday, August 10, 2013

Wild Week

It's been a wild week. A stomach virus hit our house and won't go away. It's not a bad stomach virus, more inconvenient than anything else. With school gearing up for all three of us (C already, but soon for L Child and me), I feel like there is a million things I need to get done yesterday.  But amidst the vomit (and worse) and a fussy, growing baby, I've gotten to watch karate fights and hear these gems:

Casen: Please, Liam, play the game with me. I promise I won't cheat.

and while watching Shark Week (and fielding 310 questions from the three-year-old about everything a day):

Liam: What kind of shark is that? 
Me: Shhh. Listen.
Liam: It's a wisten shark?
Me: No. Listen.
Liam: It's a listen shark?

Some additional quotes from tonight...

Casen: Liam, listen to me. The person that gives Hadassah Jayne the most kisses gets to pick the movie.  
            And I gave her the most kisses today. So we are watching my movie.
Liam: I give her kisses too!
Casen: I give her more.
(Josh intervenes on this one.)

Liam (during our devo & prayer time): When we get to Heaven again, can God play basketball with 
Then he prayed about God playing with basketball with us.

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