Monday, August 26, 2013

Super Women

I've had moments of time when I felt like a super woman. Despite a busy life, I was accomplishing a lot. I was doing a good job (professionally, personally, and spiritually). Life is good.

Then there are the moments that I don't feel so super. Adjustment periods really make me feel super-less. I start to believe the lie: Shouldn't a super woman be able to bounce right through adjustment periods?

Having a baby means life adjustment. With each child we've had, there was a period of time where life felt toooooo crazy. Even though, our adjustment to Button's arrival has been pretty easy, we are all still getting into the groove. The adjustment isn't just involving Josh, the boys, and I, but Button, too. She is adjusting to life outside the comfy womb and to our family. Throw in me going back to work last week, and the adjustment period is still going on strong. I say all that to say how blessed I feel on a daily basis.  So many people, men and women, have been so encouraging and happy for us. Josh in particular has been awesome, too. Presently though, I just want to give a shout-out to all my women friends who make my life easier. Whether you've helped us out physically or offered a kind word, I appreciate it!

I started this blog weeks ago because of a few instances where I was observing super women.

I'm thankful for my moms. Especially when I was cleaning up Casen's vomit the first week of school. How many times did my mom and Josh's mom clean our messes growing up?

I'm thankful for my sis-in-law who, when she came to visit when Haddie was a few weeks old said, "You look tired. Go take a nap. We got this." And I happily obliged and got a couple extra hours of sleep.

I'm thankful for my other sis-in-law who loves my kids like her own. She even cleans my house and organizes my cabinets when she's here. I felt at complete ease knowing that she was taking care of my boys while I was in labor with Button.

I'm thankful for all the friends and family who brought food and gifts, sent sweet texts and facebook messages/wall posts, watched the boys when needed, and offered up PRAYERS.

I'm surrounded by super women. Women who take time out to serve and encourage.

Finally, I'm really thankful for the special support I have from friends and family when I returned back to my job. You see, I love my work. It's a part of my identity. Even so, it was especially hard this go-around to leave Haddie part of the day even though I know she's in good hands. Maybe it's because by the third kid, I've learned to slow down and enjoy the newborn phase more. I know that it doesn't seem to last long enough. Maybe after losing our baby before Haddie,  I realize how special it is that we were blessed with another child. Whatever the reason, the last week has been a bit emotional. When I texted a fellow working mom to pray for me because I was having a rough first day back to work, here was the reply back:

The next week or two will suck. You're a good mom who takes great care of her kids. Gotta get those brain juices to balance the working mom guilt.
Saying a prayer. Remember that you are being the kind of strong and smart woman you want your little girl to be.

Just what I needed to be reminded. I want Haddie to one day be brave enough to do what she feels called to do. That might mean she works outside the home like me. That might mean she stays home with her kids like my mom did. It might mean that she doesn't want to become a mother. There will probably always be a debate about what's best to do. Despite when people say not-so-very-nice-things to you about your decision - whether you work outside or inside the home, whether you have children or not. I just want my little girl to become a woman in love with God and is happy with herself.

So, to all you super women out there: Keep up the amazing job you are doing!

And as a young mom, I loved this:

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Jacqueline said...

Beautifully written. Praying you through your transition. ((hugs))