Sunday, May 12, 2013

8 weeks left!

I've entered the stage where Baby is so active and getting big (she's the size of a squash now) that I'm wondering how in the world she has room to get bigger!?! At least twice a day, Button dances in my tummy - shakin' it! She has hiccups a lot now. L Child got to feel her have hiccups last night.
The view in the background is a good representation of a pregnant mom's house: counter completely full of stuff.

I love being able to park close to a store - especially on a day my Sciatic nerve is really acting up (thanks Button!).
 What's a belly post without a dorky picture? I found this shirt at a second-hand baby sale and had to buy it of course. Came in handy for the Bedlam Baseball game I got to attend on Mother's Day.


Jacqueline said...

Eight weeks?!?! Wowza! SO excited for y'all! You look great!

Mom aka Kimberly said...

Glad you bought the OSU shirt - it looked cute on you!