Friday, May 17, 2013

Interview With Soon-To-Be-Big-Brothers

We three settle in for a short interview. The boys surround me on the chair while I ask questions and type up their answers...

Me: What color will Button's hair be?
C: Dark blonde. (Like his hair)
L: Light-colored. Like me!

Me: What color will her eyes be?
C: Blue or brown or green.
L: Orange.
C: But not red eyes. Those are for bad guys.

Me: Who will she look like?
C: Like a girl.
L: Like a boy.

Me: Let me clarify. Will she look like you or Daddy or Mama or somebody else?
C: I think she will look like Daddy or you or Liam or me or somebody else.
L: I think she will look like Mama. I want her to have blue eyes.
C: I want her to have blue eyes, too.
L: Maybe pink eyes.

L: Who likes Baby Button?
C: Two boys.

Me: Will she have dimples like C and Daddy?
C: Yeesss!
L: I think so.
C: Does everybody have dimples?
Me: No - Liam and I don't have dimples.
L: I don't have nipples.
Me: No, Dddd-imples. Not Nnn-ipples.
L: Oh okay. I don't have Dddd-imples. You don't have Dddd-imples. Casen and Daddy have

By this point, we aren't comfy anymore sitting altogether. The boys are on the couch wrestling while I continue the interview....

What will be Button's first word?
C: Mama.
L: Mama.
C: I think Dada.

What will Button like to play?
C: With a baby ball. And with us. (big smile)
L: My basketball.

Now the boys are fighting over a blanket. L Child tries to pin C down in retaliation for him taking the blanket away...

What do you think Button's real name is?
C: But can't you just tell us?
L: Button Hutton Nutton.
C: No, that's just her nickname.
L: Will she be Oklahoma City? Mama?
C: Flower I Love You Baby Button.
L:Heeto Beeto.

I can safely let you know that the boys did not guess the correct name. 

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