Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Name Confusion and Singleness & Marriage

Apparently, there's been a little name confusion about Button
Last week, I had the following conversation with C:

C: (seeing a baby) Do you think her name is Button, Mama?

Me: Probably not...um, and you know that Button is just our baby's nickname. It's not her real name.

C: What? What's her real name?

Me: It's a surprise. We will tell you when she is born.

C: What?!? You have to tell me. What's her name?

Me: I promise, you and Liam will be the first ones told. As soon as she is born, Daddy will come get you two and whisper it to you. Then you can announce it to everybody. How does that sound?

C: (rather reluctantly) Well, okay...so what's her name?

Questions about Marriage and Being Single
Sunday, on the way to lunch after church:

Me: We are meeting Katy for lunch. She is driving behind us.

L: Does Katy have a little kid with her? (wondering if he will have someone new to play with during lunch)

Me: No, Katy doesn't have any kids. She isn't married.

L: Why isn't she married?

Me: She's just not - she's young, too. She is in school still.

C: Will she get married?

Me: Maybe one day.

C: Why did you get married Mama?

Me: A lot of reasons but one important one was that I fell in love with your Daddy. I wanted to spend my life with him. I also wanted to be a mom one day and have you guys.

Then the four of us had a conversation in the car about why you get married, when you get married, that it's a choice - some people decide not to get married, etc.
It was a long (and deep) conversation for the car.

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