Sunday, May 12, 2013

End of the Soccer Season

Shark cupcakes and lion cupcakes (courtesy of Immie) to celebrate! 

 Two Sharks: Cason and Casen!

Then Grammy and Mamaw braved the cold weather for games! Here they are with a little lion (Casen is under the blanket out of the wind).

This past weekend, we had the last games - the make-up games! Mamaw, JJ, and Jaci visited. I took the kids for donuts (I promise I'm not a mean aunt. Jaci doesn't like donuts so she ate cereal before we left and visited with us while we ate ours!).

The Lairs came to Liam's game to help me out. Here are the four cute kids.

Liam and the other lions got their medals after their last game. 

I needed help at the game because these three went to the Color Run! Aren't they good looking?!?

 All of us caught the last game of the sharks.

Great end of the soccer season!

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