Sunday, June 16, 2013

37 weeks

37 weeks with C
37 weeks with Button
Button is full-term technically now (most crucial functions are developed), but I probably have a few more weeks at least. I'm pretty sure Button is lower than the boys were at this stage (well, the way I'm carrying her). I had a check-up, and nothing is really happening yet. About the same as it was with the boys at this stage. Josh and the boys got to come to my appointment and see her on the ultrasound. Liam seemed confused: he kept looking between the screen of Button and my tummy. C was ultra-excited. He exclaimed, "Is that her moving?!?" when he saw her legs moving around. My doctor won't estimate her weight. She says that it usually freaks women out since the ultrasound can be off by so much. Instead I'm wondering if she'll be bigger or smaller than the boys (C was over 9 lbs and L Child was over 8 lbs). I'm guessing she might be in-between their birth weights. The websites say that Button is between 6-9 lbs right now. Quite the range at this point. I guess we will soon find out how big she is. I will say that in the ultrasound, her little face looked chubby like the boys' did at birth. I can't wait to see her!
My nesting instinct seems to kick in around 1 PM everyday - if I've lazed around all morning. Josh and I got the boys' room cleaned and done yesterday. One more thing I can check off my mental list of things to do before Button arrives.


Stacia Hamidi said...

almost time! :)

Jacqueline said...

I can't wait to hear she's here, and see her! Praying for you! And, their room looks great!