Saturday, June 15, 2013

Interview About Daddy With the Boys

What makes Daddy happy?
Liam: Not getting in trouble.

What did your daddy like to do when he was a child?
Casen: Play a lot and watch TV and play games.
Liam: Read books, go to bed, and play with robots and that robot with the hammer eye and the robot with two hammer eyes and the robot with the ear hammer and toy phone and ride his bike with his helmet on.

How tall is your daddy?
Casen: He’s like really tall. There was a Daddy at the shelter place and he was really tall. [tornado shelter we took cover in a few weeks ago]
Liam: Was he a giant?
Casen: No.
Liam: Why?
Casen: Because giants would hit the roof.
Liam: How many years is Daddy?
Mama: 33.
Liam: Okay. He is 33.

What does your daddy do when you’re not around?
Casen: Working and resting at home.
Liam: Wrestling.
Mama: With who?
Liam: With me and Casen! [I don't think he understood the question...which continues further on into the interview.]

 What is Daddy really good at?
Liam: Basketball.
Casen: He’s not very good at basketball.
Liam: [confirms with me that Daddy is really good at basketball]

What is your daddy not very good at?
Casen: Not very good as basketball but very good at fuse ball.
Liam: And ping pong…and really good at riding – he needs a new bike..and a new scooter and new rocket skates - orange and red ones.
[I ask C why he thinks Daddy isn't good at basketball. He told me that's what Daddy said. I'll need some clarification, Josh. By my measure, you're good at basketball. Of course, by my measure, most people are good at all sports.]

What does your daddy do for his job?
Liam: Works on Tuesdays.
Casen: He helps people and helps people feel better.
Liam: Helps people get their medicine and helps people not get sick anymore and helps people get their helmets, costumes, masks, shoes on and helps them with puzzles. [He cracks me up!]

  If your daddy were a superhero, who would it be?
Casen: Hulk.
Liam: Green lantern.

 How are you and Daddy the same?
Liam: 'Cause we change colors. Because my hair used to be dark and now it’s light. Daddy’s skin is light like me.
Casen: 'Cause we both look like we don’t have hair.

How are you and your daddy different?
Casen: Because my hair gets wild and  Daddy’s hair doesn’t get wild.
Liam: We change colors. [I'm not sure if he is still referring to their chameleon abilities or something else.]

How do you know your daddy loves you?
Casen: Because he is a daddy and because you got us.
Liam: Like he loves me and Baby Button loves Daddy. And I’m gonna play with Baby Button and give her baby toys.

What does your daddy like most about me - your mom?
Casen: Us.
(I try to clarify.)
Casen: Baby Button.
Mama: What else? Baby Button won’t be inside me much longer.
Liam: Likes to drink juice and helps kids get their costumes and sunblock on. [again, this kid cracks me up]
Casen: Your hair.

Where is Daddy’s favorite place to go?
Liam: To the gym.
Casen: To work or go with us.
Liam: Go places with his family.

What do you pray for Daddy?
Casen: I pray for my family and Daddy.
Liam: I pray that Daddy will wrestle and for Baby Button to say, “Where’s my socks?” Because her shoes are like socks but they are shoes!

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Jacqueline said...

I LOVE this! Those boys are too funny!=) Happy belated Father's Day, Josh!