Thursday, June 06, 2013

Wardrobe Change

I've heard some people talk about how their girls will change their clothes a million times a day. Even when they are pretty young.
The boys are similar. Not a million a times a day; maybe just a couple times a day. And not because of fashion but because of superheroes.

Casen just came into the kitchen wearing a different outfit. I asked him why he changed. He replied, "I put my other clothes into the dirty clothes basket."

"Why? Was it dirty?

"No, I was Hulk and had to rip my clothes off. Now I'm not Hulk so I got dressed again."

At least he didn't really rip his clothes.

L Child came into the kitchen next with just underwear. Typical for him. I told him he had to put some clothes on - at least shorts. He replied, "But I'm being Hulk."  I think I should buy him some purple shorts to wear.


Brendakaye said...

too cute, Peyton Macy and Cora love changing their clothes a lot Macy even gets up and changes hers during the night

RitaKay said...

So funny! At least they haven't learned how to make themselves green yet.