Saturday, June 01, 2013


It was a long yesterday...for most in central Oklahoma. To say it was frightening is an understatement.

Once the first tornado touched down near El Reno and was predicted to move towards us, we went to a nearby shelter. The shelter was packed - probably hundreds of people were there. I was thankful though. 
Not just for a safe place underground to go. 
Not just because my family was with me. 
But also because of the community. With such a crowded space, you think people might be grumpy or stressed. Yet people were nice. Scared? Yes. But trying to be patient with screaming babies, hyped-up kids, and barking dogs. I'm thankful for the volunteers that helped organize and get people inside the shelter with pouring rain and chaos. People gave up chairs for those who needed them (like for this pregnant Mama). One lady across the giant room passed her fan to me when she saw me sweating and Josh fanning me best he could. 

I'm thankful we had a home to go return to last night. We didn't have any damage either despite the tornado damage, hail, and flooding around the metro.

I'm hopeful with the weather now warming up for summer that this wild storm season is over.

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