Friday, June 28, 2013

A Year and a Half Later

Projects around our house usually take longer than originally planned. Decorating my bedroom started two birthdays ago. With my nesting instinct on full gear, I just had to get my room done (especially after the boys and I got my room super clean). Here is the finished product:

Made the canvases thanks for Pinterest ideas and Mom and Dad's help. I left space to add more pictures after Miss Button arrives.

I want to make another canvas with a saying about having a little girl. I haven't picked a quote yet.

I want to add a picture of Josh holding all three kids under this canvas.

The little flowers were a gift I think for my anniversary. Dad put them up for me. Good eye! Dad made me the necklace holder for my birthday. I made the flower petal canvas to the left. I'm making something similar for Button's room too.

After all these crafts I did, I'll be good for another year and a half.

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