Sunday, June 16, 2013

Skipped a Couple of Generations

One of my gender-uncharacteristic confessions (I have a few) is that I don't really like shopping. Even when I have money to spend on myself, shopping wears me out! I wish I could have a personal shopper for everything - clothes, food, furniture, and yes, even a car (we recently got a new car - it was a long day!).
My mom is the same way. Oh we'll do the Black Friday shopping every once in awhile. Usually though I think we both end up thinking, "Um, not worth it."
The rest of my mom's family seems to love shopping. They take day excursions to get it done. The first time I experienced Black Friday was my freshman year in college when I went to visit family in Kansas over Thanksgiving. I didn't know people got up that early to shop.
Somehow, the shopping gene skipped my mom and I, but it fell to the boys. They love to just simply look at things at a store. It's a sad day for them when I tell them that we can't spend half an hour looking at toys. This Mama is tired! They are completely content to take an hour looking at things they like and then spending another hour with me grocery shopping. Wowzers!

This is a picture from last week at Target. We just ran in quickly to get a few things, and we passed the boys' comforters section. They both paused and looked at each one and talked about which ones they liked and disliked. 

I instead caught up on my texting and went over my short grocery list.
Maybe they get it from Josh's side of the family, too. Josh is usually are designated Black Friday shopper in our family!

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