Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hero Up! Party

L Child couldn't decide on just one superhero for his birthday party. So he had a little of each. Notice the Spiderman and Avengers decorations. His cake represented many superheroes. L even wore a Batman shirt and Spiderman swim trunks.

L Child started the celebration off in his style: running a puzzle sweat shop with Mamaw as his lead worker. Nothing like doing superhero puzzles!

Hero Up!

Hero Up! with their superhero masks they made.
Superheroes Vs. JJ

L Child got a lot of nice presents. He was surprised and excited about the bike Josh and I got him.
After L Child was Hulk for awhile, he put on his Spiderman costume along with the two contraptions he got to shoot webs and make web noises.
The kids didn't play in the water this year but the game garage was a hit. Graeson and Jaci had a mean ping pong serve. 
Happy 3.5 birthday sweet L Child (aka Hulk)!

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