Sunday, June 02, 2013

End of Pre-K

The last two weeks of school for C were emotional. We had to two really bad storm days (with multiple tornadoes) hit our area along with other storm days. Thankfully, the last one took place the day after C's last day of Pre-K so it was a little less stressful. It felt odd, almost wrong, to have all these celebrations for the end of the year amongst all the tragedy. I guess that's how life is though, and I'm thankful we have been blessed to be able to celebrate. Summer had a blog post that reflected the same thought. It's comforting to know that I wasn't alone in my feelings.

Here are some pictures the day of Casen's program. He was told to dress up so L Child dressed up, too! Each child got awards and bragged on for a bit - it was really sweet.


Singing the McDonalds song

The boys got $5 each to spend at Target. Here's what they picked to buy....
Water gun

5 puzzles - L Child found $1 dollar superhero puzzles

There was a special Bubble Day for the Pre-K during the last week of school. The kids got to play with bubbles, chalk, and eat popsicles. I had a good time hanging out with them.


Then some comparison shots between the first day and last day of Pre-K for C. Wow. I can't believe how C has changed. Not just in looks, but in his social skills and actions. And for the better. I'm really thankful for the good school and teachers he had this year!

Very somber. He was excited about school, but also very serious about it. I think he soon realized how fun it is!
I couldn't get a picture of him NOT Cheesin'!

L Child looks like a baby here. Sigh. He has grown so much!


RitaKay said...

Your boys are precious...I mean handsome! :)

Amanda said...

thanks rita : )