Sunday, June 16, 2013

Summer Fun

I'm home full-time now for the summer so the fun activities begin! Here's what we've been doing so far...

The boys figured out what the trick bars are for on their bikes. This means that they take turns giving each other rides.

  The boys started swim lessons. I had been putting it off due to time and how expensive they are, but I'm so glad we finally did it this summer. Both the boys are less scared in the water and are learning how to get around in the water without clinging onto someone for dear life. I found 2 excellent swim teachers that give them just what they need - patience but encouragement. That one picture of Liam sitting next to his teacher is what he did for the first few days. He just sat on the edge of the pool with his feet in the water, preferably talking to his teacher. That boy sure does like to talk to girls already.

Two weekends in a row, the boys went with family out of town. Josh and I went on a movie binge. I think we've seen about four movies in a week. We are preparing for Button's arrival where going to the movies will be a little more difficult.

The boys built a tornado shelter complete with Rocky Hocky on top as the siren.

We've played lots of games - here's the start of Fibber.

Both boys, especially L Child, find their way into Button's room a lot. They play with her toys or just look around. It's sweet to find them in there. It's like they are anticipating her arrival - just like me!

If not swimming, it's splash park time.

  Redhawks baseball has started so we went to our first game. Thanks to Josh, and not me, C is beginning to understand the game. After a strike, he turned to me last night and said, 'That was a strike, Mama." L Child is learning Josh's favorite game, too.

We got started on L Child's sleeve.

Father's Day!

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Stacia Hamidi said...

love the sleeve! great start! LOL